Pierre-Marie Faure

Head Sommelier

Originating from Charente (France), Pierre-Marie developed an interest in wine as a child, as his family owned a vineyard plot and produced Pineau des Charentes. The harvests and the wine making process made a strong impression on him; so much that he decided to specialise in sommellerie while at hospitality school in La Rochelle.

Following this, Pierre-Marie went on to work for prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants in France and Ireland, starting in 2010 as assistant Head Sommelier at Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris for two years. Pierre-Marie then relocated to Ireland to head up the wines at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud in Dublin, where he stayed for 4 years before moving to London to join five-star hotel The Lanesborough in 2016. There, as Head of Wines, Pierre-Marie oversaw the lists of all the hotel’s outlets, including the restaurant Celeste.

In August 2019, Pierre-Marie came aboard the team of Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester as Head Sommelier, leading a team of five, all of whom share his objective: delivering tailor-made, precise and memorable service to guests. Pierre-Marie likes wines which reflect their terroir rather the wine-making techniques, wines with purity and a vibrant acidity. He excels in advising the best pairings from the 1,000-bin wine list created with Gérard Margeon, Ducasse Paris’ Executive Wine Director. This talent stems from his capacity to listen and anticipate his guests’ expectations, combined with a new-wave approach to teamwork with Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Blondet and Restaurant Director Enrico Baronetto, and an infectious positive attitude!